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MASCULINE TRADITION | The Virtues of Masculinity with Damian Chavez

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MEN WITHOUT CHESTS | The Abolition of Man

On today’s episode we dive into the brilliant mind of C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite authors of all time and one of the most prophetic voices of the 20th century. His warning, teachings, and literary masterpieces are works that all men should read and he…

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Welcome to the Uncage the Lion Podcast where we interview the leading experts in the world to help make men better men, raise up Men of God, recover biblical masculinity, and develop men into better husbands, fathers, and leaders at home and in their communities. Please take a moment to share this podcast with your friends and the men in your life, and leave us a five star rating and review on iTunes! This helps IMMENSELY in spreading the Uncage the Lion movement and we promise to read and appreciate each review and rating we get. Thank you! Strength. Honor. Courage. Uncage the Lion.

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Will Leighton

My name is William Leighton and I’m a 25 year old husband, father, and servant of the Lord. I created the Uncage the Lion movement out of a passion and calling that I felt placed on my life to recover biblical masculinity in our culture, and to raise up fathers, husbands, and leaders to protect and defend that which is good, true, and beautiful. 

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