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My name is Will Leighton and I’m the founder of the Uncage the Lion movement. I decided to build this movement to unite and encourage men to seek truth, grow virtuously, and to fight back against a culture that seeks to tear down the good, true, and beautiful in our civilization. I strongly believe that one of the biggest factors contributing to the degeneration of goodness and flourishing in our modern society is due to a lack of biblical and traditional values, a lack of stewardship at home from fathers and husbands, and a direct assault on the very essence of true masculinity. 
So in this community we seek to be “fishers of men.” And in doing so, fulfill the high calling from God on our lives as men. 
What is the calling of the masculine? And what is “true masculinity” at its core? These are fantastic questions, and questions I believe every man struggles with as they seek purpose and clarity in life. 
Here at Uncage the Lion, we believe that each man’s masculine heart is called of God to fulfill 4 distinct roles: King/Steward, Builder/Provider, Guardian/Warrior, Teacher/Poet.
If you seek to become a well-rounded man and heed the high calling God has placed on your life by cultivating these four pillars of masculinity, then I urge you to man up, set your ego at the door, and join yourself to like-minded men in The Brotherhood as we champion this movement to revive TRUE masculinity and recover the KING within! 


The mission and purpose of the Uncage the Lion movement is to help men heed the God-given calling on their lives and unleash their true masculinity.

Simply put: 

I aim to help men be better men, fathers better fathers, and husbands better husbands—and I approach it all from an unashamedly Christian perspective.

  • What is real manhood? 
  • What constitutes biblical masculinity? 
  • How do I become this type of man? 
  • What skills must I develop to be this type of man?
  • And what manner of man did God intend you to be when he knit you in your mother’s womb? 


These are all questions and topics central to my mission and calling, and questions that I know many men, such as yourself, share. 

To be a man is to wrestle with these most fundamental of questions each day, and oftentimes to fail to answer them. 

Do you feel that calling to be a better man?

My goal is to help you wrestle with and answer these questions, and then put that knowledge into ACTION to become the Lion and the King you are called to be.  

If you resonate with this message, then I invite you to follow, to engage, and to go on this journey with me as we seek to Uncage the Lion and recover true masculinity within the culture!

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Will is a thoughtful, attentive, and encouraging coach. I signed with him for a 7-day habit coaching package, and frankly, I was not prepared. Habits? I thought those were simple. But within days Will helped me to uncover many unresolved issues in my life that had been waiting for my attention before we could breakthrough for any real change. I wasn’t ready for this, but Will was. When I felt that my problems were too much, he only encouraged me to share more and get to the bottom of things. I thought I was signing up for a quick dip into an improved morning routine, but Will took me on a deep dive into my meaning and character as a man, husband, and leader. If you’re ready (or not) to grow into the man that God has created you to be, connect with Will. Put the work in, and he will too.

Matthew Pierce