GENTLEMEN, Big Announcement today!

Introducing, the launch of the Uncage the Lion Brotherhood!

This is a private, men’s only, elite group.

Who Are We?

This group is comprised of only the highest caliber of men. We are men seeking to become the man that God made them to be, and men seeking to develop themselves spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

The men in this brotherhood see the need for more, not less, masculinity in the world. And we seek to live that out in our own lives as we endeavor and help one another grow to be better leaders, husbands, fathers, and stewards/kings over what God has given us.

We seek to embody Strength, Honor, and Courage in our character as we Uncage the Lion within.

What To Expect:

Expect to be challenged, driven, and held accountable by the men in this brotherhood. We have eachother’s back and we are seeking to provide as much value, insight, and help to one another as we can. The ultimate mission of this group is to develop and mobilize truly masculine men. Men that will protect the innocent, lead their families and communities, and build up that which they put their hands to. Men that will defend what is good, true, and beautiful. Men that will take the calling of stewardship and the sacred responsibility of manhood seriously. We are in the business of building Kings!

It is not required that you are a Christian to be part of this group, but this group and the Brotherhood therein is built and operates upon Biblical values and the Christian faith.

Always ask yourself how you can best serve this community and the men within it before you post anything! Also, you must operate by the Uncage the Lion code of Strength, Honor, and Courage at all times. We are a community of gentlemen, but also a community of warriors!

What we expect from members of the Brotherhood:

-Seek honest feedback, insight, and help from your fellow brothers within this tight knit community! Ask any serious question you may have as a man. (Questions about faith, marriage, truth, skills, work, finances, physical fitness, philosophy, etc.)

-Share with you fellow Lions motivating and encouraging feedback, stories, or things that have happened in your life worth telling other men about. Always seek to edify the gents in this group!

You’ll find the rest of the rules and expectations and code of conduct once you’re on the inside.
There you you go!

Go follow the Uncage the Lion FB page and go request to join the private and elite brotherhood of men.

You will be prompted to answer 3 questions when you ask to join, and your answer to those questions will dictate and help me decide the quality of gent you are and if the brotherhood is right for you or not.

Go take ACTION!


Strength. Honor. Courage.

Uncage the Lion


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Will is a thoughtful, attentive, and encouraging coach. I signed with him for a 7-day habit coaching package, and frankly, I was not prepared. Habits? I thought those were simple. But within days Will helped me to uncover many unresolved issues in my life that had been waiting for my attention before we could breakthrough for any real change. I wasn’t ready for this, but Will was. When I felt that my problems were too much, he only encouraged me to share more and get to the bottom of things. I thought I was signing up for a quick dip into an improved morning routine, but Will took me on a deep dive into my meaning and character as a man, husband, and leader. If you’re ready (or not) to grow into the man that God has created you to be, connect with Will. Put the work in, and he will too.

Matthew Pierce